Every year thousands of retail professionals come to visit The Retail Sourcing Fair. If you are deciding whether to come to this year’s show, we have rounded up some of the reasons our visitors come to the show from their eyes.

  1. To Discover the Latest Trends

“I’m opening up a new shop in Abuja, so I’ve come to Retail Sourcing Fair to see what’s trending, what is happening in the industry and to get as much support and advice from the experts as I can!” Bola Raji

“Lots of inspiration and trends found at our visit to Retail Sourcing Fair this week! There was a great Trend Talk that we went to at the conference.” – Frank, Shoprite

“We’ve come to Retail Sourcing Fair to look for new suppliers. It’s our second day at the show and we think it’s a great show so far.”- Maureen Obasi, Ebano Supermarket

“I came to Retail Sourcing Fair to find products for Christmas sales, the show has a great vibe.” – Mrs Adenike, Importer

2. To Source New Products

“We’ve been coming to the show now for over 3 years – we rely on it to find new products! As a Homeware store, we’ve become a one stop shop and are diversifying into different areas and opening new departments in store. It’s great to see all that’s on offer in the different sectors at the show.” – Manager, Homely

“This is the second time I’ve visited Retail Sourcing Fair. It’s great for us as we are able to pick up everything we need from scarfs to handbags to gifts to soaps! It’s great to have a look round and find new brands that we haven’t seen before and visit our suppliers too.” – Sandra Eket, Bon Voyage Hotel

“We’ve come down to Retail Sourcing Fair today to look for some furnishings and potential small gift suppliers. So far we’ve had a really good time and got lots of information.” – The Fraser Hotel, Abuja

3. To Network with Existing Suppliers

“I come to the Retail Sourcing Fair to visit our existing suppliers in the Jewellery sector predominantly, however it is a great opportunity to see new suppliers and for inspiration.” – Jumia

“There are a lot of our existing suppliers here at the show that we visit but it’s also a good opportunity to see what else is on offer and to see new collections on offer at the start of the year.” – Tade

“I’ve come to check out new products launched at the show and seeing the demos on the Party Stage is a great chance to do that.” – The Party Company

For Insightful Seminars

“I attended the Spar seminar on how independent retailers can manage their stock effectively as this is a key topic for some of my clients.” – Stephen, Retail Nigeria

“I’ve come to see the seminar on using Sage as it’ll give me much needed useful insights and ideas.” – Sam Nwosu,

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