Business to Business Matching

Exclusive for our registered exhibitors: Meet your potential trade buyers around the globe via the newly launched matchmaking program even before RSF. This new tool will enable exhibitors and visitors to achieve pre-exhibition matching online and make business meetings during RSF more effective and efficient. The tool offers the opportunity to get in contact with trade visitors, learn about their needs and requirements and better prepare for more in-depth negotiations at meetings during RSF.

Making meaningful meetings with buyers who are relevant to you is the reason why RSF is the go-to event all round. We recognize this importance and we want to add value to your experience through an exclusive matchmaking programme.

You will greatly benefit from this if you want to:

  • Find potential clients
  • Locate investment opportunities
  • Forge lucrative partnerships
  • Broaden your career network
  • Share and exchange knowledge
  • Expose your brand to targeted audience

What should I expect?

  • An access link will be sent to your registered e-mail via this platform
  • You will receive a pre-selected list of participants based on your interest
  • A – concierge service will support you to maximize your attendance value

How do I get access?

  • You will receive an email invite from the concierge service

Exclusive service for our registered visitors and existing exhibitors! Register to sign up now and enjoy the pre-show matching and promotional service!

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